Alison Denise

What to Expect

1Our first date! Although we will have many phone calls, texts, emails & IG DM’s exchanged over the next year or so as you plan, this first call is my favorite. I LOVE meeting new people and I’ll want to know everything about everything. Share all the stories! Post call, I’ll send you everything digitally and we’ll become official!

2Your date turns from pencil to pen! Not only do we start planning for your wedding, but we start planning for your engagement session. I have a questionnaire and guide to send you to help you plan for our little photo adventure/hangout where I’ll make you say some silly things in each others ears, cuddle and look amazing.

3It’s planning time! Leading up to your wedding, I’ll be here to help you plan your timeline to not only make sure you have amazing photos but to make sure you have time with your friends and family because that’s what your day is all about!

4The best day ever! I wear your timeline on my wrist (I’m an Apple Watch girl) helping you stay on track, making sure you’re drinking water and making all the things pretty! Photographing your day is my priority, but also making sure you and your babe are taken care of with whatever you need is just as important. I’m here for you. Team you 1000%.

5You get your photos! Although you’ll get your photos back in a few months, those sneaks I send shortly after you tied the knot are the BEST. Once you get your photos back, I’ll hope that we still get to stay in contact, responding to each others IG stories, occasionally grabbing coffee or if I’m lucky, I’ll become your future Christmas card photographer ;)

I’m more than your typical vendor. I’m down for the snapchats, random memes and late night phone calls about all wedding things.

I’m all about the first date vibes, capturing authentic joy and documenting the real.